Samantha Geitz


Information Science & Learning Technologies

University of Missouri

Samantha Geitz

About Me

I am a freelance web developer working in Columbia, Missouri. I also manage several websites for the University of Missouri Graduate School, where I previously worked for two years as an admissions adviser. In 2010, I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, intending to eventually pursue a doctorate and professorship in the subject. However, in my final semester of college, I took a computer science course as an elective and discovered a passion for programming. I had always been a bit obsessed with technology, and after I finished my B.A., I knew I wanted to follow a different career path than what I had originally envisoned for myself. MU's Information Science & Learning Technologies program was the perfect way to combine my interest in education and the humanities with my love of computers, and it was the perfect bridge toward my career goal of working as a software engineer.